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The Truth About Sean Hannity and Michael Cohen


Fox News host and long-time conservative talk radio icon Sean Hannity has been promoted to public enemy number one after it was revealed he sought legal advice from Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.

Hannity has come under scrutiny for failing to disclose his relationship with Cohen during his broadcasts, wherein he often praised Cohen. Since the revelation, panelists on other networks have been calling for Fox News to fire Hannity for failing to uphold some sort of standard of journalistic integrity.

The conservative talk show host has since denied having ever formally sought legal advice from Cohen, stating that he has never been represented by him in any matter.

Now, in order to be intellectually honest while also getting to the truth of the matter, it’s important to understand what the left’s end game is in all of this. First of all, Hannity is not and has never been a journalist. His conservative partisanship and support for President Trump has always been overtly clear, as has his friendship with Cohen. This is exactly why the left wants him off the air.

Second, it is certainly true that Hannity should have at least made his relationship with Cohen known during his segments with him — even if the legal part of it extended only so far as asking casual questions regarding real estate, as Hannity says.

For a more in-depth breakdown of this event, be sure to watch the video below.

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