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Tomi Lahren Responds to Being Assaulted at a Restaurant


Tolerance is one of the main points preached by those on the left. However, the tolerance that they push for is always a tolerance of identity, and not a tolerance of ideas.

In other words, the left will offer tolerance regardless of your race, religion, or sexual orientation – so long as you think the same way they do. Stand for a different set of ideas, though, and that tolerance quickly vanishes. This is a lesson that conservative commentator Tomi Lahren learned first-hand while visiting a restaurant with her parents.

While at the restaurant, several other patrons began hurling obscenities at Lahren, demanding that she leave. When Tomi Lahren ignored them, one of the individuals threw a glass of water at her.

Lahren later went on to say that the incident was embarrassing, but that it was no doubt much more embarrassing for the individuals who acted like toddlers throwing a temper tantrum because they had to eat in a restaurant with someone who didn’t share their political views.

While unfortunate, the incident does highlight the important distinction the left makes between tolerance of identity and tolerance of ideas. In the end, attacks such as this – which are becoming all too common – show just how truly intolerant the majority of liberals really are.

To hear Tomi Lahren discuss the incident and give her take on what happened, be sure to check out the video below.

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