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Trump’s Accomplishments in his First 500 Days


June 4th marked President Trump’s 500th day in office, and so far he’s managed to put together quite an impressive list of accomplishments despite facing extreme obstruction from the Democratic party and even opposition from elements of his own party.

One of Trump’s biggest campaign promises was his pledge to unleash the potential of American businesses through dramatic deregulation, and that is a promise he has certainly delivered on. Largely through executive order, Trump has done away with much of the red tape and regulation that holds back the American economy.

Recently, the American embassy in Israel was moved to Jerusalem – a historic decision that fulfilled another of Trump’s campaign promises, and in 2017, Trump helped push through the major tax cuts he promised on the campaign trail as well. The economy is booming and unemployment is at a record low. The United States’ place on the national stage has been bolstered, as Trump has managed to bring North Korea to the negotiating table and withdraw the US from the Iran nuclear deal. Meanwhile, Trump has filled the courts with a record-setting number of conservative judges who will no doubt shape the future of the country for many years to come.

All of this amounts to one of the most impressive first 500 days that any president has ever had. To learn more about what Trump was able to accomplish during his first 500 days in office, be sure to check out the video below.

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