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UK Conservatives Show Support for Imprisoned Journalist


Apparently, reporting on the scourge of radical Muslim “grooming gangs” (that is, rape gangs) is a punishable offense in the country that gave us the Magna Carta and English common law.

The consolidated support that conservatives have shown for UK journalist Tommy Robinson has been absolutely inspiring. Americans made themselves known in the pouring rain.

Tommy Robinson does not like the way that religious Muslim ideology trains women to be slaves. He does not like the fact that Western nations are indirectly supporting this atrocity. He spoke out. He put his opinion together professionally. He was jailed because he was too effective.

When things like this happen, the response is more of a testimonial to the politics surrounding the maligned individual than the individual himself. Conservatives should be proud to say that the movement is strong. When Tommy Robinson was unjustly jailed, conservatives from all nations came together to demand his release. There was no talk of nationality or race or gender. There was simply talk of how one of our own had been completely overrun by an unjust system and placed into bondage for exercising his right to free speech.

This is the kind of action that must continue among conservative groups in the United States and the western world as a whole. The video that is attached here will serve as a huge inspiration for your own efforts. Take a look. Demand that a Westerner’s right to free speech be respected by Western governments.

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