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Why Black Americans are Becoming More Conservative


Hip-hop star Kanye West made huge headlines by professing his love for Pres. Donald Trump. After the announcement, polls indicated that Trump’s approval rating with African-Americans more than doubled, from 11% to 22%. Of course, liberals did not know what to do with themselves.

In one series of tweets, West managed to undermine the base of the entire Democrat party. This is a party that does not even take care of its constituents. There had to be a reason that black Americans doubled their support for Trump after Kanye West showed them a new way of thinking. Perhaps the old way of thinking wasn’t getting anyone anywhere.

Other rappers tried to jump on the bandwagon, seeing how successful Kanye West became after his announcement. Chance the Rapper, a Democrat legacy (his father worked for Obama in Chicago) tried to jump into the news cycle saying that “Blacks did not have to vote Democrat all the time.” Everyone saw through his paper thin charade. He was simply hopping on the bandwagon for fame, although he was absolutely right in his statement.

We may be looking at a new era for conservatism if we continue to encourage free thinkers like Kanye West. Celebrity and politics have obviously begun to overlap. In this new America, conservatives must use the platform to spread good ideas that will move America forward. Pay attention to the fallout after Kanye West releases his new album. There may be an opportunity for conservative expansion between the lines.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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