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Why is Canada’s Justin Trudeau so Obsessed with Foreign Cultures?


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has become something of an eternal meme here in the United States and other parts of the world.

Seemingly every time Trudeau steps outside of Canadian borders, the prime minister goes above and beyond to show how culturally “woke” he is. Videos and pictures of him wearing traditional garments from China, India, Japan, and others have been viral since even before his infamous “peoplekind” gaffe, for which the internet still hasn’t forgiven him.

Now, it’s not exactly uncommon for western leaders to engage in the culture of their host countries during official state visits. In fact, it’s rather expected. But, why does it seem like Trudeau is so over-the-top — even when he isn’t making any such visits? Why does he work so hard to appease people that are either not his constituents, or make up an extremely small part of it?

Canadian immigrant turned American citizen and political commentator Gavin McInnes has a few answers to these questions in the video below.

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