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Why The Extreme Left Has Been Allowed to Prosper


Every complex set of ideas has its flaws. The world is, after all, a complex place. The world is ever changing. Humans are ever changing. How can any one ideology work for every person, for every situation, without leaving someone somewhere lost- or without imposing some form of tyranny on someone? It’s not possible.

Here in the United States of America, we have a foundational set of laws that was crafted with meticulous care by people who understood that. The Founders understood that no one set of ideas or ways of thinking could prevent the seizure of government by the self-seeking of tyrants, or by the tyranny of the crowd. They agonized about the wording of the laws they wrote, labored over the placement of each comma, the shape of tone of each clause. Even then, they still left room for change in their documents.

One thing they knew well, the one thing that our entire system of government and way of life is based on is that the individual contains the spark of the divine, that any person- no matter how base or simple- might know something that we ourselves do not. They knew that the only just and right way to govern a people is to govern them as a collective of sovereign individuals- not as a uniform group.

This is where the Leftists have gone wrong. They refuse to consider the individual. They are obsessed with groups. Humans are nothing if not individuals.

Here’s Jordan Peterson on the fatal flaw of Leftist ideology.

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