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Why The New “Woke” Kanye West Actually Matters


Millions of people who voted for Trump, many of whom even voted for Obama (some twice), have lost friends, lost jobs, fallen out of favor with their families, and been censored on Facebook and Twitter.

The situation is no better for the rich and famous- worse even. To contradict the deranged proclamations of CNN and look favorably on Trump is to flirt with unemployment, ostracization, and a full tarring and feathering.

You can’t even point out the fact that Trump’s policies have resulted in all-time record lows in unemployment for black people. Politically charged liars like Jay-Z will tell you that, “Money isn’t everything,” when confronted with that fact.

Money isn’t everything? Have you ever listened to a Jay-Z song? If so, you’d believe that money would be everything if mistreating women and shooting people weren’t preferable to it.

Now, Jay-Z is actively warning other celebs not to voice any support for Donald Trump. Why? Because rapper Kanye West’s recent show of support for the president is showing people that you can actually be black and still believe in making America great again.

Kanye, whatever you think of his music, is paving the way for many people to openly support the president. These are people who would otherwise feel alienated by their take on things.

While it might not help that Kanye is a bit of a loud mouth, he has the respect of a lot of important names in Hip Hop music and is a major influencer.

Here, Milo Yiannopoulos shares his thoughts on why Kanye matters.

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