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Actor Jim Carey Says We Should ‘Say Yes’ to Socialism


Enormously wealthy comedian and movie star Jim Carey is tired of Democrats pretending to be capitalists, and says they should fully accept the “socialist” label the right throws at them.

The comments came during a round table discussion between Carey and other guests appearing on Bill Maher’s program on HBO. Come to think of it, that’s a lot of capitalism in one sentence…but apparently no one is telling Jim Carey that.

The Ace Ventura star went on to slam common complaints about socialism that come from the right, such as the embarrassing truth about Canada’s universal health care program. According to Carey, who spent his formative years in the country, the wait times associated with socialized medical care are a myth. We’re not exactly sure if Carey has had to personally deal with this system, since he’s been living in the United States for the overwhelming majority of his adult life, but fact-checking was apparently not on the agenda on Bill Maher’s show.

Carey’s comments were of course greeted with cheers from the audience, further demonstrating that the allegedly fringe socialist left is becoming the mainstream left in the United States. Several high profile candidates for Congress have accepted the label, and Carey wants the entire Democratic Party to follow their example.

Of course, there is a lot of truth to be desired in Carey’s appraisal of socialism as well as Canada’s health care system. Let’s hear from another comedian born in Canada who has a very different perspective on this below.

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