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California’s Government Has Completely Lost It


There is no better example of what happens when the far left is given unchecked power than the state of California. For years, the Californian government has chipped away at the rights of its citizens, little by little turning California into an over-taxed, over-regulated nanny state where some of the worst progressive ideas are put into practice.

When California isn’t preoccupied with noble causes such as making plastic straws an arrestable offense, they’re dedicated to continuing to expand the power of their liberal government.

Recently, California made it illegal for 18-20 year olds to purchase rifles in the state. This is just the latest of California’s affront to the Second Amendment, as the California government has been guilty of many of them.

In addition to wearing away at Second Amendment rights, California has also recently made it all but impossible for voters in the state to vote for anyone but a Democrat. By adopting a so-called “jungle primary,” California has ensured that two Democrats will almost always be on the ballot in almost every state election and many local elections. By doing away with write-in ballots, they’ve made it so that if you want to vote in California, you have to vote for a Democrat.

Things aren’t looking good for America’s most populous state. To learn more about California’s most recent attacks on liberty and the Constitution, be sure to check out the video below.

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