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Colin Kaepernick wants to Subpoena President Trump


After every team in the NFL refused to hire Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback has filed a grievance case against the NFL. Now, Kaepernick’s attorneys are wanting to subpoena President Donald Trump to testify as a witness in Kaepernick’s case.

Attorneys say the president played a significant role in the NFL’s anthem controversy, taking the debate to a whole new level when he publicly condemned players who chose to kneel during the anthem. Now, Kaepernick’s legal team apparently feels that the role Trump played in the anthem controversy somehow prevented Kaepernick from being employed by another NFL team.

Of course, Kaepernick’s difficulty finding employment in the NFL may very well have more to do with his subpar performance as an NFL quarterback than it does his controversial political stance. Even if it is his behavior on the field that is keeping NFL teams from hiring him, though, NFL team owners have every right to make prudent business decisions about the employees that they hire.

Kaepernick is a controversial figure, and it’s entirely reasonable that no NFL team would want to bring that kind of negative attention to their program. Nevertheless, Kaepernick feels that their actions are worthy of a legal case and the testimony of a sitting president.

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