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Elizabeth Warren Wants to Raise Your Taxes, and Lower Her Own


Sen. Elizabeth Warren isn’t expected to face too troubling of a challenge from her GOP opponent this November given that she is a well-known incumbent senator in the reliably deep blue state of Massachusetts. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Sen. Warren is a deeply flawed politician with a long history of abusing her power – abuses that opponent Geoff Diehl is bringing into the spotlight in the hopes of swaying Massachusetts voters and pulling off the upset.

As if Sen. Warren’s well-documented lies about her Native American ancestry weren’t enough, Warren has now been accused of a wrongdoing that is far more serious – purposefully leveraging tax laws in a way that reduces her own taxes while fighting to raise the taxes of everyone else.

As much as Sen. Warren promotes the Democratic socialist agenda of raising taxes across the board, particularly on the upper and middle class, Warren has taken advantage of every possible loophole in the tax code to keep her own taxes low. Sen. Warren is a considerably wealthy woman and very much so a part of the one percent that she rails against on the campaign trail. Yet while she’s been busy talking the talk, she certainly hasn’t been walking the walk.

“Taxes for thee but not for me” may be a common idea in Democratic circles, but hopefully it is one that voters in Massachusetts will reject come November. To learn more about Sen. Warren’s blatant hypocrisy, be sure to check out the video below.

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