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House Republicans Demand Twitter CEO Testify for Censorship


The fact that just a handful of liberal companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google control the majority of content that Americans see each day has created a very dangerous situation. These companies have the power to all but completely silence conservative voices, and it’s a power that they have begun using more and more frequently.

Now, Republicans in the House are calling on the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, to testify about his company’s latest round of censorship, which saw conservative profiles blocked from the platform after the company accused them of spreading “hate speech”, which is a highly ambiguous term social media giants have been applying to justify silencing nearly anyone who breaks from the status quo.

The situation that this censorship has created will be difficult to remedy regardless of whether the CEOs of the companies responsible testify before Congress. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter do indeed have a right to say who gets to use their platform and who does not. However, this right must also be balanced against the serious threat to free speech that it creates. While there may not be any single, easy solution, conservatives must make finding a solution to the censorship problem their top priority if they hope to avoid a future where they are silenced completely.

To learn more about the latest instance of Twitter censoring conservatives, be sure to check out the video below.

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