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If the #MeToo Movement Was Part of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’


If you still have any of the novels you read in high school in your collection, we encourage you to take a hard look through them and ask yourself: how many of these novels would be accepted in today’s political climate?

Think about it: feminists would complain about Lord of the Flies because it doesn’t have any female characters and none of the boys identify as a third gender, Animal Farm makes communism look bad, and literally anything by Shakespeare can probably be described as sexist. To Kill a Mockingbird also touches on a subject that triggers modern lefties: due process.

See, modern liberals have decided that due process is problematic because they were forced to. When Justice Brett Kavanaugh was in the midst of what will without a doubt be remembered as the most brutally slanderous confirmation process in the history of the U.S. Senate, leftists had to abandon due process because none of the allegations of sexual assault or gang rape were corroborated — not in the slightest.

So now, the same people who have convinced themselves over the past few years that gender isn’t really a thing now have a hard time understanding the western standard of “innocent until proven guilty.”

What if this was the standard of the past? CRTV’s Steven Crowder takes a look at a world where To Kill a Mockingbird took place after the #Metoo movement.

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