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“Never Trump” Republicans Rooting for a Democratic Takeover in 2018


The majority of the Republican party has embraced the policies of President Trump, recognizing the opportunity that these policies present to reach new voters and bring conservatism to the forefront of American politics. However, there are some Republicans who still oppose Trump just a vehemently as the Democrats – so much so that they’re starting to flip sides.

Now that their opposition of Trump has left them feeling disenfranchised, some of these “never Trump” Republicans are openly rooting for Democrats to take control of Congress in 2018, saying that having Democrats in Congress is the only way to stop President Trump.

Of course, this stance ignores the reality that Democrats are going to be far less supportive of the conservative ideals that these “never Trump” Republicans claim to uphold than the president could ever possibly be. Being a Republican and rooting for a Democratic takeover because you don’t like some of the things Trump is doing is like burning down your house to kill a spider – you might get the job done, but the destruction is going to far outweigh the gain.

Perhaps, though, these “never Trump” Republicans are simply showing their true colors and revealing where their allegiances have been all along…

To learn more about the so-called Republicans who are rooting for a Democratic takeover in 2018, be sure to check out the video below.

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