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Report: Obama Gave Iran Access to US Finances


The more we learn about the Iran nuclear deal that President Obama orchestrated and that President Trump withdrew from, the more we realize how much corruption and deceit of the American people surrounding the deal took place.

A new report released by GOP lawmakers is now accusing Obama of giving Iran access to the United States financial system in an effort to push the Iran nuclear deal through – all while telling both the American public and Congress that no such actions were taking place.

Behind closed doors, President Obama issued a permit to Iran that would have enabled them to bypass US sanctions and convert $5.7 billion in frozen assets into USD by going through an American bank. However, the plan failed when two different US banks refused to participate in the exchange.

This revelation reignites the controversy surrounding the Iran nuclear deal and Obama’s eagerness to push it through despite the concessions he was forced to make to Iran. Even more concerning, though, is the fact that the Obama administration swept these actions under the rug and misled Congress and the public about their existence, even as Obama himself ironically complained that too many important decisions take place behind closed doors.

To learn more about Obama’s attempt to provide Iran with access to US finances and the controversy surrounding his closed-door decision, be sure to check out the video below.

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