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Serena Williams Blames Sexism for Losing U.S. Open


There’s something to be said for accepting defeat with poise and grace. However, this is something that world-famous tennis player Serena Williams has shown that she is incapable of doing.

During her match with Naomi Osaka, Williams received three penalties from umpire Carlos Ramos: one for on-court coaching, one for racket abuse, and one for verbal abuse. The three penalties added up to a game penalty, costing Williams the match. All three penalties were justified, especially when you consider the fact that Carlos Ramos is known for being very strict with both male and female tennis players alike. Following her loss, though, Serena Williams insisted that sexism was to blame for the penalties that she received.

Nevermind that Serena William’s opponent was also a woman, and nevermind that Carlos Ramos has a history for not tolerating outbursts from male or female players during the matches where he is the umpire – the only way that Williams is able to swallow her stinging loss is to blame someone else.

Sexism has become a go-to boogeyman in today’s culture. Anytime something goes wrong, you can expect that someone will find some way to blame sexism for the outcome. The reality is, though, that Serena Williams was defeated, both by her opponent’s superior play and her own inability to control her words and actions. Rallying rabid feminists to her unsubstantiated cause isn’t doing Williams or the sport she loves any favors.

To learn more about the truth behind Serena Williams’ loss, be sure to check out the video below.

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