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The Left is Producing Wacko Candidates


You don’t need a world class long term memory to recall a time when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were defending traditional marriage and secure borders. Even Bernie Sanders has said recently that the things that the Democratic Party have declared normal, just ten years ago, would have been considered insane.

If you haven’t heard of the Overton Window, it refers to subject matter or opinions that can be broached without causing a big hubbub. Topics inside the window are fair play. Ideas outside of it are taboo.

At present, suggesting that the Islamic religion has never been through a reformation, as Christianity has, and encourages violence against non-Muslims will get your mic cut on CNN. If, on the other hand, you took a shine to ideas, like men are a valid category for people to openly hate, you’d be welcome on mainstream news. That is to say, hating men is safely inside the Overton Window. So hate away, freaks.

This state of the culture has given the ideological Left the freedom it needs to completely lose its collectivist mind. Now, we’re looking at total wingnut candidates coming from the Democratic Party. The good news is, their palpable insanity makes them unlikely to win any elections. The bad news is, they are still running.

Here’s Jesse Waters with more.

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