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UK’s Theresa May Has Lost Control of Her Own Conservative Party


Theresa May recently concluded the 2018 Great Britain Conservative Conference, and reports are mixed about her ability to mend some of the problems that have plagued the Conservative Party over the past few years. The biggest news item was May’s response to Boris Johnson’s public rebuttal of her Brexit plans. Johnson called May’s plans “dangerous and unstable,” and all eyes were on May to see if she could stand up to the pressure.

Many conservatives did not like May’s statements. They decried her subdued tone, stating that they could not trust what she said. May seemed to uphold the conservative viewpoint on Brexit and many other important issues that the country is concerned about. However, she has yet to really earn back the trust of the decision makers in her party.

Some even thought that Johnson was gaining on his angle to take the job of Prime Minister. Johnson was criticized about his plans to cut off Northern Ireland from the considerations of the conservative Brexit plan, but it might not be enough to keep him from the job.

May is trying to get her Chequers Brexit plan passed, but she must also showcase her ability to lead beyond Brexit. One thing is for sure – the next few months of politics in Great Britain will directly affect the Tories’ future.

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