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We Finally Have Proof of Inappropriate Financial Dealings with Russia


Ever since President Trump took office, liberal politicians and the media that they control have been searching frantically for proof that President Trump engaged in inappropriate financial dealings with Russia. However, proof of inappropriate financial dealings with Russia has been right in front of them this entire time – the only problem is that President Trump isn’t the one guilty of these dealings.

Instead, the only political figures who we know for a fact arranged shady deals with Russia are all Democrats. From arranging questionable, multi-million dollar partnerships with Putin-controlled companies to agreeing to sell the bulk of US uranium to the Russian state, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and Barrack Obama have time and time again been found guilty of inappropriate and unpatriotic dealings with USA’s most serious threat. Had President Trump committed just a fraction of deeds committed by these Democratic politicians, he already would have been ousted for being a Russian agent.

Yet the media continues to comb through Trump’s every action hoping to tie him to Russia all the while completely ignoring the real ties to Russia that Clinton, Obama, and Podesta had during their time in power. If protecting the United States from Russian influence was their real concern rather than bringing down Trump, these misdeeds would have been given their full focus a long time ago.

To learn more about the real inappropriate financial dealings with Russia and those who are guilty of them, be sure to check out the video below.

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