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What No One is Telling You About Net Neutrality


One of the things the American left has been up in arms about more than almost anything else has been net neutrality.

Via rules passed under the Obama administration, which were ironically supported and lobbied for by the world’s largest tech companies, the internet was to be regulated as a public utility — similarly to electricity or water. There’s just one problem: the internet is nothing like either of these things, and shouldn’t be treated like it is.

Ahead of the FCC’s vote to undo the Obama-era regulations on the internet, which would have prohibited internet service providers from charging companies a larger bill if they use more bandwidth, the left mobilized in favor of the regulations in a way that can only be described as militant. At best, the claims we heard about a “wild wild west” internet were misguided. At worst, they were downright slanderous.

Almost nothing you’ve been told about net neutrality is true. In fact, all critical research on the topic has suggested that consumers would profit from the rules being scrapped. The video below explains what we mean.

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